Bichip Stable Coin to revolutionize the Crypto Market this year

The employment of Smart Contracts will grow dramatically over the coming years, however challenged by the need for a stable, nonvolatile and credible digital (crypto) currency.

BiChip has a simple mission, to innovate the way we interact with moving assets.

Tracking and monitoring assets has been around since the mid 1980’s but haven’t seen much innovation for decades, which basically means that many businesses are missing out on profitable features, almost no monetization on big data, lack of intercommunication and old technology with unwanted security vulnerabilities. With today’s technology and skilled developers, Bichip will lift the sleeping giant into the 21st century with an intelligent and uniform framework ready to set the standard of tomorrow.

The BiChip is an underlying framework, it’s a modular layer that will support any business model with the need of keeping track of assets and interest in harvesting on unexploited potentials.

BiChip Bichip stable coin is a new crypto currency, a “Smart Token”, based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is stable and fully backed by a USD 600 million AAA bank reserve secured funding bond, issued by a certified trust fund.

BiChip is built on top of a stable coin on the Ethereum blockchain. As a stable coin with 600 Million US Dollars in bank reserve we can secure a minimum coin value of one dollar. Bichip is also the first and the only stable coin in the market with a buy back guarantee, pretty awesome right?

BiChip will reinvest profits in new technologies, including green tech, microchips and tracking technologies to further substantiate its collateral backing.

BiChip will facilitate smart contracts and push their development and deployment even faster.

The Blockchain technology was not developed, as you might believe, to enable cryptocurrencies, but to allow fast, secure and transparent peer-to-peer transactions, i.e. Smart Contracts.

Blockchain is a trusted, decentralized network that allows transfers of digital values such as data (contracts) and yes sure… currencies.

A smart contract is a contract that’s designed to carry out a set of instructions, i.e. a “contract”. There’s no person or company holding information or verifying it. With smart contracts there’s no middleman. Like regular contracts, smart contracts are designed to enforce the terms of an agreement— whether this is an exchange of cryptocurrencies, tokenized rights, proof of identity, or practically anything else.

It’s secure, transparent and accurate, and a lot cheaper than traditional contracts managed by attorneys, banks or other expensive third-party middlemen.

With a stable and fully funded coin, combined with a buy-back guarantee, BiChip is offering a trustworthy and highly attractive package to accommodate the constant growing demands for secure and credible smart-contracts.

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