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Veja aqui qual melhor empresa para hospedar um site WordPress

O WordPress é o sistema para sites mais utilizado da atualidade, hospedagem de wordpress para você ter uma ideia, mais de 30% dos sites da internet são feitos nele. Com o constante crescimento do WordPress, surgiram muitos serviços especializados na hospedagem de sites feitos nesta ferramenta.

Com tantas ofertas fica difícil encontrar a melhor, então o Guia do Host fez este artigo para mostrar algumas das melhores opções hoje no mercado para você hospedar seu site WordPress.

Bichip Stable Coin to revolutionize the Crypto Market this year

The employment of Smart Contracts will grow dramatically over the coming years, however challenged by the need for a stable, nonvolatile and credible digital (crypto) currency.

BiChip has a simple mission, to innovate the way we interact with moving assets.

Tracking and monitoring assets has been around since the mid 1980’s but haven’t seen much innovation for decades, which basically means that many businesses are missing out on profitable features, almost no monetization on big data, lack of intercommunication and old technology with unwanted security vulnerabilities. With today’s technology and skilled developers, Bichip will lift the sleeping giant into the 21st century with an intelligent and uniform framework ready to set the standard of tomorrow.

The BiChip is an underlying framework, it’s a modular layer that will support any business model with the need of keeping track of assets and interest in harvesting on unexploited potentials.

BiChip Bichip stable coin is a new crypto currency, a “Smart Token”, based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is stable and fully backed by a USD 600 million AAA bank reserve secured funding bond, issued by a certified trust fund.

BiChip is built on top of a stable coin on the Ethereum blockchain. As a stable coin with 600 Million US Dollars in bank reserve we can secure a minimum coin value of one dollar. Bichip is also the first and the only stable coin in the market with a buy back guarantee, pretty awesome right?

BiChip will reinvest profits in new technologies, including green tech, microchips and tracking technologies to further substantiate its collateral backing.

BiChip will facilitate smart contracts and push their development and deployment even faster.

The Blockchain technology was not developed, as you might believe, to enable cryptocurrencies, but to allow fast, secure and transparent peer-to-peer transactions, i.e. Smart Contracts.

Blockchain is a trusted, decentralized network that allows transfers of digital values such as data (contracts) and yes sure… currencies.

A smart contract is a contract that’s designed to carry out a set of instructions, i.e. a “contract”. There’s no person or company holding information or verifying it. With smart contracts there’s no middleman. Like regular contracts, smart contracts are designed to enforce the terms of an agreement— whether this is an exchange of cryptocurrencies, tokenized rights, proof of identity, or practically anything else.

It’s secure, transparent and accurate, and a lot cheaper than traditional contracts managed by attorneys, banks or other expensive third-party middlemen.

With a stable and fully funded coin, combined with a buy-back guarantee, BiChip is offering a trustworthy and highly attractive package to accommodate the constant growing demands for secure and credible smart-contracts.

cheap deals online NZ

5 Tips on Finding Great Online Shopping Deals   deals 4 less

At the point when you’re on the chase for an incredible deal, shopping on the web can offer some appealing reserve funds openings you won’t discover at your closest retail chain. As indicated by Consumer Reports, playing out a little examination shopping on the web is an advantageous method to start your item search regardless of whether you at last purchase from a retailer in your area. Realizing the price range from numerous sources on like things is a decent method to perceive an arrangement any place you discover it.   one day deals

When you begin taking a gander at the choices, you might be astonished at the amount you can save when purchasing merchandise on the web. With a couple of snaps and a clever system, you may have the option to beat the in-store prices close to you and score a couple of extra rewards into the deal. How about we investigate five quick and simple approaches to discover or fabricate incredible web based shopping bargains. There’s nothing similar to going on safari for deals, and with regards to shopping on the Internet, the climate’s in every case fine and the deals are sprouting.  cheap deals online NZ


1: Check the Consumer Review Sites   

Consumer review locales like will play out a brisk inquiry on the item you’re keen on and convey subtleties on current valuing from various online sellers. The facts confirm that scoring a decent arrangement may include something beyond finding the best base price for a thing, yet realizing the price range for an item and having a thought of the significant providers who offer it is a decent spot to begin. Watch out for some gotchas like locales that have low retail costs however attach high shipping and taking care of expenses. Some review locales sum up selling just as shipping charges for a superior image of the genuine article (less material assessments, obviously). Make the review destinations your first stop. For a 10-minute speculation, you’ll leave away with great data, similar to client remarks and item reviews, and may find the best e-rear for your dollar.

2 Apply for E-posterior Recommended Credit Cards

You might have the option to make money for shopping. kitchen handlesSounds great to us!

Major online retailers at times offer credit card bargains that incorporate twofold focuses or different rewards for products bought on their website utilizing their favored card. Amazon is one genuine model. On the off chance that you pick a card and site blend with great variety and fair estimating, you can score additional investment funds on things you’d purchase at any rate. In case you’re not a committed deal tracker, you can tailor your internet purchasing to exploit the focuses advantages and still keep things simple with one-quit looking for a large portion of your necessities.

3: Become a Rewards Member

Online retailers depend on recurrent business, and to develop steadfast customers, they offer quite a few rewards programs intended to keep clients returning. The allures typically incorporate the guarantee of additional limits on the off chance that you pursue special messages, join their purchasers’ clubs or simply round out a simple survey. Giving individual data like an email address and potentially a couple of insights concerning your purchasing propensities may qualify you with the expectation of complimentary cargo on your next buy, markdown coupons or even gifts.

On the off chance that you figure you may purchase from the e-posterior once more, and wouldn’t fret sharing some close to home subtleties, pursuing rewards can set aside you cash various ways. You’ll regularly be educated regarding impending daily dealsdeals and may approach restricted stock things before they’re disclosed accessible to the general. You may likewise get qualified for extra limits when your buys surpass a specific sum or incorporate explicit items.

4: Check for Eligible Coupons

Your long stretches of cutting coupons are finished.

Somely, shopping on the web is like shopping at your neighborhood market. Numerous e-posteriors offer rebate coupons for explicit things or for administrations like free cargo. Rather than cutting coupons from your nearby paper, however, you once in a while need to go on a deal chase for the best online coupons, particularly if the e-rear included is bashful about showing its coupons conspicuously. To share the abundance, coupon locales like RetailMeNot, CouponCabin and CouponMom accumulate coupons from around the Internet and merge them in one simple to look through area. Some coupon locales may necessitate that you pursue a membership, yet the administration is commonly gratis. Nowadays, getting the best deal on products and ventures may include stacking coupons with site explicit rewards and different methodologies. Coupon destinations make finding qualified coupons pretty easy, so make certain to make them part of your web based buying methodology by checking for coupons before you fill your virtual shopping basket and head for the checkout.